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Cornslaw Industries [netlabel]

Cornslaw Industries

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Cornslaw Industries is a netlabel based in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Cornslaw Industries was founded in Philadelphia, PA. Moved to Bowling Green, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio for a while, now we are back

Our motto: "puttin' stuff on the web that wasn't there before."

We battled three much larger and scarier multi-national conglomerates for the power of such a motto. We won triumphantly and with much celebration.

Our internet home is at:

You may also "like" us at Facebook.

Submissions/unsolicited demos are always welcome (mail).

We do mostly experimental, bedroom, four track, and lo-fi/mid-fi rock-type stuff, especially stuff that makes use of 20-year-old cutting-edge technology.

We like guitars and drums and drum machines and basses of all types and keyboards (especially casio keyboards and wall organs) and four/eight tracks and bedroom recordings and effects on vocals and weird songs and recordings where the mistakes are left in and "good enough" takes and popular culture references.

We are also interested in cross-net.label collaboration (tribute/split releases/co-releases) and the possibility for future low-cost vinyl production. Please contact us with any project idea no matter how underdeveloped. Keep in mind, we have no money and have much more important things to do.

All recordings are free to own, trade, listen to, burn to cd, ipod, distribute, and alter.

The songs (the composed / written and otherwise fabricated entity) remain in the ownership of the author.

Any sampled material is respectfully included for noncommercial porposes.

We mean no harm.

All references to events, persons living or dead, and other cultural items are also refered to repectfully.

We like Creative Commons.

See individual licences.


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